Next the form is parts list of customers of Shanghai Hongda metals product Co.,Ltd in the last few years:










No Customer name No Customer name
1 Shanghai Baoshan jail  37 Bortman decorates the company
2 Mint of Shanghai 38 Round-the-world East Asia hotel 
3 The public's  rent company of Shanghai 39 The Shanghai mayor is rather the area custody center
4 Shanghai Taishanfood limited company 40 SINAR MAS GROUP-APP CHINA.
5 Shanghai industry and business administration  management bureau  41 Post and tele equipments communication limited company of Shanghai
6 Post and tele communication incorporated company of Shanghai 42 The TSMC( Shanghai) limited company
7 Simike porcelain and ceramics limited company  43 Shanghai Zhongxin mansion 
8 Shanghai Zhwnhua harbor machine co.,Ltd 44 The urban planning design academy in Shanghai City
9 Exxon Mobil Corporation Chinese company  45 Financial square manager corporation in Shanghai
10 Huashu plastics limited company of Suzhou 46 Shanghai Pudong international airport 
11 Chinese architecture corpration fifth bureau Shanghai companies 47 Wusong passenger transportation wharf
12 Chinese architecture corpration seventh bureau Shanghai companies 48 Kunsan City telecommunication bureau of Jiangsu
13 Shanghai chemical engineering design academy Shanghai 49 Zhongfu estate places the industry limited company
14 Chinese Tianchen chemical engineering company 50 Lysaght building  system( China) limited company
15 Shanghai Ziquan company  51 the second construction engineering company of Guandong province
16 Colleague hospital 52 Shanghai Tennis club 
17 GE corporation shanghai limited company 53 Gold deer chemical engineering limited company
18 Pioneer corporation shanghai limited company 54 Beitong chemical engineering limited company 
19 Dingfen metals of Shanghai products the limited company 55 Chinese Tunnel incorporated company 
20 Shanghai BMW treasure automobile service limited company  56 Jiusin metals limited company
21 Renji hospital  57 Chinese building materials group construction limited company
22 Shanghai Qinpu Zhaotun police substation  58 Tianpin stomach pharmaceutical factory limited company
23 Shanghai Xiaokunsan driver's school 59 Shanghai Qifan city engineering limited company 
24 Shanghai Jiading settles the automobile examination station 60 Jiading scientific instrument factory
25 Shanghai Fantai town government yard 61 The Nanking military air-force's automobile sale service center
26 Shanghai Sidongkou coal gas system  limited company 62 Taiwan yacht company of Shanghai
27 Shenjin steel material limited company  63 Jinyuan deluxe high school
28 Shanghai Jianmei steel ware limited company 64 The Nanking military district Shanghai defend area
29 Maisite especially sets limited company in Shanhai 65 Waigaoqiao power plant
30 Electric machine factory of Shanghai City 66 American Standard Inc Shanghai limited company
31 The public special contract  maintenance station of Shanghai 67 Dubian international business limited company 
32 Sanguan steel limited companies of Shanghai 68 Shanghai boiler inspection Academy
33 Huoban industry door limited company  69 The subsidiary eye E.N.T. department hospital of Fudan university
34 Jiadin Yinyuan hospital  70 Wuson development limited company in Shanghai
35 Shanghai hands over to carry the logistics limited company 71 Shanghai  Huasheng construction  development Corporation
36 Shanghai City 13th smelt matal limited company  72 Dongtai real estate limited company of Kunsan


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